Toxicology Webinar 2022

10 Nov 2022 6pm-7:30pm

Toxicology society together with Section of Toxicology (College of Emergency Medicine, Academy of Medicine) will be hosting this event

Themed Webinar – discussed “Poisoning in the End-Pandemic Era”

  1. Ms Peck Li Fung from Vigilance & Compliance Branch, HPRG on Safety Assessment of COVID- 19 Vaccines.
  2. Dr Shaqireen Moinuddeen from Medical Devices Cluster, HPRG on Evaluation of ART Kits.
  3. Dr Loo Kee Vooi, NTFGH, on Plant Toxicology
  4. Dr Tse Man-Li, Hong Kong, on Complementary Medicine Poisoning.

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