Toxicology Round 18th Mar 2016

The Toxicology Round is conducted by the Toxicology Service of CGH A&E.
Next Toxicology Round:

  • Date: 18th Mar 2016
  • Time: 10am – 12noon
  • Venue: CGH ED tutorial room
  • Program:

  • Case presentation: cases consulted over the last 3 mths
  • Presentations:
  • 1. When should activated charcoal be administered? – Paul
    2. Cyanide poisoning management update – THH
    3. Why we should try not to intubate a salicylate poisoned patient and what we should do when we must? – KK (recently a case of DNP poisoning was presented during the toxicology symposium and the issue was raised)

    All TSS members are welcome!

    The Toxicology teaching program is attached: Teaching program 2016

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